Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Meeting Concerning Grads & Retirees Celebration

Special  Meeting Held Concerning Grads & Retirees

The following students were discussed as being grads: 
Kadeja (sp) [Sister Carolyn Mack's granddaughter]
M Broadway
C Holder
S LaFleur

No retirees were known about.

The program will be via Zoom, recorded into WMM and saved with an unlisted YouTube link.
On the program agenda:

  • Music
  • Opening prayer
  • Mission/Vision Statements
  • Introduction(s)
  • Speaker(s) -- Earlier grads from Mt. P . Suggested: R/ McKnight, C. Fountain, D. Williams [2-3 minutes]
  • Video/Slide Show Tribute to Grads and retirees
  • Closing Prayer
  • Call to Discipleship
When: Second Tuesday - June 9, 2020 [regular Sisterhood meeting time]

Publicity Needed: 
  • Post to Mount Pilgrim's Facebook groups and page
  • Web site
  • Email
Other Jobs Needed (for SH Members to Do:
  • Background agenda to post as share during the program and to email
  • Flyers for Emailing
  • Pick and purchase book as gift for grads and retirees
  • Collect donations (no money is in the budget for the program) for the gifts; might be some in our PC. [I usually go to Lightway Book and Bible for the latest religious read. Everyone should already have their own Bible. Have books delivered to church office where honorees can pick them up. No personalizations/inscriptions this year.

Friday, May 22, 2020

Graduates and Retirees

If you missed the Mothers Day of Prayer on the day before Mothers' Day then you missed an inspiring program! Sisters filled in on the spot and the program ran smoothly via the Zoom app. It was going on so well that I forgot to record it until the end.

I have been asked about the graduates and retirees so here's what we will do--we will meet this Tuesday via Zoom and decide and plan another Zoom program. We also need to decide other things like the gifts . You will receive an ID number and a password in the Remind Ap, email, or via regular text for the Tuesday, Meet May 26 at 6 PM. Yes, I know it is not 2nd Tuesday but I've been asked and Sister Paul sent word that she will help out.

Saturday, May 2, 2020

Sisterhood Mothers Prayer Day

On next Saturday, the Mount Pilgrim Sisterhood Ministry will have a Mothers' Day of Prayer via the Zoom app. We will have a song, devotional and a prayer chain.
Who is the Sisterhood Ministry? Any female member of Mount Pilgrim Baptist Church. The ID and password will be posted via our Remind Text group email, and the Mount Pilgrim Family Facebook Group.

How to get Zoom on Your  Device
1. Download to your computer by following directions at OR
2. Download to your Android phone or tablet (Samsung, KG, TCL, etc.) by going to Google Play, OR
3. Download to your iPhone or iPad from Apple store.

On the day of the program, open Zoom and type in the ID# and password.

Date: May 9, 2020  3:00 PM

Saturday, April 18, 2020

Brother Wallace -- Husband of Sister Peggy Wallace

The news came from Sister Valerie's PTL (Pilgrim Text Line) with the news that Deacon,  Brother Lawrence Wallace, husband of our sister Peggy Wallace has transitioned. He'd been several weeks under hospice care. I'm requesting that the hospitality committee TCB in the usual manner. I will be sending a personal message today.

 Of course you've already been informed that activities at the church are postponed until further notice due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We can not meet in person but for those who are interested, we can access the Zoom app via computer, cell phone or tablet. I will send a reminder via our Remind text group.
Until then,

Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Last Night's Meeting

We had another wonderful time. We discussed what our children are not learning in schools any more concerning etiquette at the table, on the phone and in general conversations--and that some of these things will have an effect on their chances for employment.

For instance, after graduating from college and trying to join the job market, employers often invite potential employees out for a working lunch . A working knowledge of table etiquette could be the deciding factor in a young employable's receiving a position in their company.  We agreed that the basics should be taught at home with refinement and support of those skills at school. However, schools these days do not allow time for it as teachers have duty-free lunch and do not sit with the children anymore. Besides that cafeterias and the way the food is prepared  and served is set up to save time and money. The regular cooking staff we had when we were in school may still be employed but the job has changed to "food warmer" as the lowest bidding contracted companies serve prepared foods in Styrofoam containers with plastic "sporks" alongside milk in a bag. The children have a whopping 25 minutes to wolf down their food while their teachers usually have 20 minutes to drop the kids off, eat, then pick them up fro the cafeteria.

Children are not learning basic table settings. Families have busy after-school activities. However, it is up to us as parents and grandparents to keep the instructions flowing. My daughter and I would take down the "good dishes" once a month and have a sit-down evening meal. Even if you take the time to do it only once every other month, it's better than not teaching them at all. We've all got to work on it. In my Brown/Daisy Girl Scout troop I used to teach table setting by having my girls make place mats with the place settings drawn on one side.

Hand outs were passed out for each attendee to use with our young folks. Included in the packet were reminders of using telephone etiquette and conversational etiquette. Again, these things should take future employment in mind. Sister Wicker reminded us that placing weirdly inappropriate names in our email addresses--particularly those that must appear on a resume should be taken into consideration. One can devise email addresses from many free services so encourage young people to set up a separate professional email account for business.

We also spoke of the art of listening when we spoke of conversation. Being able to listen is a Christian act of showing love. Actually listening to another shows that person you care instead of peppering "me-too-isms" and thinking of something to add about yourself while the other person is speaking.

Fellowship dinner will be next Tuesday March 17 at Applebee's on Airline at 6:30PM.
The New Venture production of Annie, we spoke of earlier, when the auditions were underway will be on stage March 27-29, 2020. Bring your favorite youngster. We will go to the March 27 showing for 7:30PM. Please respond if you will attend. You can purchase tickets at this link:

Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Second Tuesday is Near but Thursday is Sooner

Don't forget that this meeting, March 10, is potluck and that we will bring a young one you know will benefit from our mini- etiquette workshop that this meeting will be. First Lady Izetta Blake will be at the meeting with a plea of volunteerism for the Sisterhood.

Also, I received a request from Sister Izetta to ask all of you to gather with her on Thursday evening, March 5, at 7PM the church about a very important task and help in preparing for a special women's conference. 

Saturday, February 29, 2020

Dinner with MawMaw'

March 10 is our next meeting. Remember,  this is Dinner with MawMaw night. Bring a dish to share and your favorite young person to share it with. We will have a mini-workshop on basic etiquette.
Are you hooked up to our Remind text group for reminders about meetings?  It's easy and you do not have to download anything to your phone. Simply text "@mountpilgr" to 81010.
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