Friday, January 17, 2020

Dinner Time! And a Recap of Tuesday's Meeting

We had a very productive meeting on Tuesday, January 14, 2020! One of the things we decided to have next is a dinner out at Applebee's  on Airline on Tuesday 2 weeks from the meeting at 6:00PM. The reason is that we had late lunches and our sisters who work during th day cannot join us. Applebees' is also centrally located in the city. So consider this your 2-week prior notice and invitation to come to dinner on January 28. Now, don't keep it to yourself! Bring another sister with you. She doesn't have to be on the Sisterhood roll or the Mount Pilgrim roll. Just plan to come out and have fun is sisterly fellowship.
9702 Airline Hwy.

Another topic was the success of the success of the Care Packages for the Homeless Drive and how we can make it even bigger next year! Stay tuned for that!

There are also some movies and plays we want to see together. New Venture Theater has some auditions coming up for Annie so get your favorite local actors to audition!
We are also thinking of organizing and hosting a giant garage sale.We will need the cooperation of EVERYONE to do it.

On February's agenda is Black History and Valentine's Day at our meeting in February we'll enjoy Black Women in History presentations while we enjoy pot luck dinner.

In March another dinner but this time we will invite our young folks out for another MawMaw's Etiquette Meal where we teach and learn about the etiquette of eating out at causal and formal meals among other things.

Guess what? I love you, even when you give me this face back→ ☹ I'm going to still give you ⌣☺...and there's nothing you can do about it!


Sunday, January 12, 2020

Meeting Reminder

Tuesday, January 14, 2020 at 6:00 PM in the Education Center!

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Wednesday, December 18, 2019

From My Facebook Post: Where Our Gifts Lie

My Facebook Post

It's been a whirl-wind week. It's been a whirl-wind month. Getting our Sisterhood to lead a drive for care packages for the homeless was a major project. Usually, this time of year I have my own project and I let others know in case they feel led to help. But this year, the Lord put it on my heart to ask this ministry to lead in ministry work for the 'least of these': Those who don't necessarily sit on the pews beside us where some of us drop our 'church duties.' The enemy wanted to make it difficult because I have a few friends who are steeped in the traditions that have nothing to do with Jesus. Exchanging gifts and eating is fun but accomplishes not much more than holiday calories and more dust collectors for the shelves. 

Besides my braille learner who I see every day, a few more children were added to my roll at three different schools. I usually spend more time than the part-time I am hired to work because-- especially with my braille student-- my kids need that. Then I go home and take my mother wherever she needs to go to keep her from driving herself. Between us, my daughter and I try to watch her diet --which she doesn't think exists-- and especially the meds she has to take four times daily. I also check in on my husband who has to stay with the pets because I can't until the doctors say I can.  I mention these things because some folks think I'm home all day wearing my germ mask and pajamas thinking up unorthodox, unconventional stuff for us to do in the Sisterhood Ministry while they have work, family and holiday prepping. Some folks have mentioned to me how busy they are during the holiday season and what they do and do not have time to do-- but mostly how they prefer to use their time. 

The goal was simple care packages in gallon size ziplock bags for 25 -50  people. The most needed items for folks actually on the street were researched on line and inspired by a conversation and example of a few years ago of my SABS, Linda Gregg. That's why we're SABS-- Separated At Birth Sisters! #LikeMindsinJesusIQandHeart 
The end result was over 60 care packages for the homeless!  I heard from people inside and outside of our church who were of the same mind to do something for "the least of these." They came through more than I could imagine...yet how God can imagine! My Kairos BFF Cindy not only signed up but asked to come help assemble the packages. Another sister, new to the area asked me to look out for her husband who was hand delivering their donation. Another sister-- my S.I.S. Sister in Spirit-- had packages mailed from Florida.  After our night of package assembling, I received calls and messages that it was the best time in working for the Lord. Folks that came out were not watching the clock but remained until every bag that could be packed was packed and every 30 gallon tub was filled to capacity with care packages. Another thing I've learned over the years was that good times are to be had in working and laughing together. I think that is another reason why Kairos Prison Ministry [I knowis so addictive. God makes sure to put joy upon our hearts while we do His work. 

My mother's car wouldn't hold everything with my mother and daughter, too, so Cindy took one of the 30 gallon tubs. We would get together and drop the packages at the Bishop Ott shelter. My mother wanted to go the very next day so we went after I left work. We landed at a pinkish building that was fairly locked up and enclosed by a cast iron fence. The gate to its parking was open so we pulled in. I asked a lady how to get inside to a main office or something. She went to one side while I went to the other. The doors of the building were locked until it was time for those who had space to go to sleep. My mother and I gave some care packages to the young lady and the others with whom she was waiting.

She told us there was another office across the street where families stayed. A small group of people in blue T-shirts was unloading bundles of blankets from the back of a side panelled truck. Just as I turned the car to face the gate, a school bus arrived. A number of elementary aged children in burgundy and blue school uniforms got off the bus and went inside. One of the little boys was already at the truck asking if he could help. He grabbed a bundle and followed a man inside. One of the ladies told me where the office was and a man was coming out the front. He had just locked the office but said I could unload where I was. The little boy came back out and offered to help. I asked him if he wanted a package. He took one but gave the snacks to my mother because, he said he was not allowed to have food in the room where he would need to go to get his homework done. 
The last tub was too heavy for me to take any further than a few steps at a time. A man with two bundles of blankets took it in for me. He wouldn't let me carry the blankets. He laughed when I 'Ooohed' at his carrying two bundles of blankets on top of that heavy tub.

While we unloaded the tubs and blankets I had a nice talk with one of the ladies who worked there. She said she was familiar with our church because she sang in 4th District with Valerie-- one of our church music ministry leaders. She said she was very happy to see that there were women there who wanted to help the folks in the shelter.  She said they always need folks to help the kids. I asked her about items for kids' care packages. They always need socks and underwear. One of the brothers had made sure to include children's size gloves in his donation! 

I had a nice chat with a 10-year-old and a 7-year-old who were being guided in their homework by a lady who let them take a little break to talk to me. I noticed that the children were well-behaved,  well-taken care of and seemed to be in good spirits... considering. I want to go back. I would love to be able to help with homework. 
The next day, Cindy said she was fine going there with her husband to drop off the last tub. Everything that people brought to me after we assembled the packages will be dropped off on Thursday afternoon or early Friday. 

If we'd preferred to exchange gifts and have a big dinner, we'd have the slight memory mixed with all the dinners we've had year after year. We'd have the memory of that delicious cake Sister Somebody brought in because she always brings a delicious cake. We'd have the memory of that horrible recipe I just can't believe Sister Somebodyelse brought with the nerve to think that er'body should want to ingest that gastronomically alien 'delicacy.' If we were of the sort to have a party where we all drank and had to depend on the size of the next day's headache and a friend to tell us what kind of fun we had, just think of what we would have missed! If we were not of the sort with others in mind besides ourselves, we would not know the blessed connection we received from finding joy in hands clasped together in His work-- the way He intended. If we were of the mind where this one has to have credit for the part she played while that one wants her name called so that everyone knows what a terrific person she is--as she is probably already reminded everyone many times over, we wouldn't have had the joy of going around the room and noticing every hand in action and every smile that expressed the same unity in joy. 

You weren't there? Well, you were sick, or busy, or had another engagement, or you forgot. That's alright. Stuff happens. I know you'll be with us next year... and you still have other ways to be of service and be blessed. Still, somebody else wasn't there for reasons we must pray for her/them about. Pray for that sister who had decided before we even started that she was not going to participate because we broke with tradition. Pray for that sister that didn't come because she didn't want to work with the other sister(s)... and for the one that didn't think she had anything to bring. Pray for that sister who will find fault in any activity she didn't think of or lead all by that we could praise her second after God. Pray, because doubt, fear, confusion is planted by the enemy and we want better--light, unity, love, sisterhood, GOD-- among us.

Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Last Night

The Brits say we Americans overuse the word AWESOME. But that is the only way to describe last night's meeting. It was a working night experience for the Lord--and no one was watching the clock as I couldn't chase anyone out past the usual meeting time. These ladies wanted to get things DONE-- and we had a wonderfully blessed time assembling care packages for the homeless.
I believe we had enough donated items to make at least 50 bags. I am sorry if you missed it but you missed an AWESOME time in the Lord!
These pictures show the beginning stages of putting the items out on the tables. We got so busy that I couldn't take any at the middle or near the end. Everything that did not get into bags will be taken with the bags at the Bishop Ott Shelter-- because someone can use it!
Yes, we will do it again next year and yes it will be an even BIGGER drive!

Oh, yes! Our next outing is to see Black Nativity. Go to this link and order your ticket(s) for the Saturday 7PM showing:
If you would rather contact the box office for tickets , go to LSU Shaver Theatre
Louisiana State University
105 Music and Dramatic Building
Baton Rouge, LA 70803
or telephone 225 588 7576

Sunday, December 8, 2019


Good morning!

I realize some of you may be tired of hearing from me; however I want to keep the Lord's work at the forefront of your minds and not on the back burner. The enemy will find all manner of ways to distract us. For instance, I had planned on yesterday as our day-- my daughter's, my mother's, and mine-- as the day for us to shop for the items we pledged for the homeless care package drive. My mother wanted to get some ornament hooks. She is limited in the places to where she should drive after about an hour-and-a-half I went looking for her and found her still in a store and with a much larger shopping list. I helped her to check out, load up her car, and I got back in my  car thinking she was following me home. She was not. I went into a semi-panic mode but she arrived home safely not long after. It was later than I'd planned but the three of us went shopping together for items for the homeless and came home after dark.
The way God works, although it was later than I'd planned, it was the right time. I looked on my phone to find that someone else had been shopping! A person who pledged also mentioned our project to this person they knew would be gung-ho for it, sent a picture with the message that said that they went through the list on line and bought everything that was in the blank spaces. Everything!

It's still not too late for you to participate. Although our list is filled, you can still donate items and help us put the packets together at Sisterhood meeting on this Tuesday, December 10 at 6:00 PM. Also be prepared to share potluck treats as we will munch and work simultaneously.

YSIC, Doing the Lord's Work,
Kathy Michael

Thursday, December 5, 2019

Mid-Week Reminder--a Day Later

Good morning! It's me again! 

I try to send midweek reminders so pardon this message a day late. Yesterday, I stayed late at work so I could get some lessons done ahead of time for my braille student. Then, I stopped at the car place, picked up my mother after making sure she had her mid-day meds. After that I took my  daughter to pick up her prescription; saw some church family at the post office; picked up something to eat for family; stopped at the bank; paid a couple of bills at places that were in route; cancelled a meeting with a friend and moved some items from my car to my mother's that my S.I.S. (Sister In Spirit) sent from Florida for the packets for the homeless. Oh, and I saw a few items on the homeless packet list when I took my daughter to Dollar Tree! What a blessed find, I thought! 

I have to go into certain stores at certain times--run in and run out-- because of the neutropenia (susceptibility to germs) I still have after having a stem cell transplant and other cancer treatments. I still can't work with children under 12. No problem. I'm still blessed to be able to go places--checking on the progress of my under 12 set and teach braille in a room provided to teach braille to my middle school student. I've had to change the way I do things, but I can still do things--so I'm blessed.

I have also been blessed by others who see merit in this project for the homeless: They see Jesus' purpose.They understand what we should be about this time of year--and all year long. Not one of them has asked for a voucher, for their names to be mentioned on a program, for any recognition--they just want to help. Rather than complaints, they have offered up ideas to make it a better project for next year! People from other churches have jumped in to help-- people who have their own church projects, jobs, families, and shopping to do for the holidays. Still, in their busy lives with their full schedules they have taken time to do what Christ would have all of us do. They. Made. A. Choice.

So when I get a couple of messages that say, "I'm just too busy to do all that extra work" or the message of silence from a couple of God's children who have made it clear in their silence that they are not in accordance with this project, I'm not thinking anything except that everyone makes their own choice: Some are about what Jesus would do... others dwell on their discomfort with change... and still others make it a personal thing. If you're feeling discouraged by these types of negative attitudes, please don't give the minority vision any thought. Continue to be about God's business with your eyes on HIM-- not on THEM. [I believe that will preach!]

Continue on, please, by offering opportunities to others to participate. Please share the link:
For those who are technologically challenged, please fill out the blanks at SignUp Genius for them. If you're one of those people, ask me and I will help you fill it out.

Next Tuesday, December 10, is Sisterhood Meeting and the day we will  assemble the packets. We will have our potluck treats and our prayer circle.  We will also have guests who have asked if they could come to help with the packets. Lord willing, I will see you all there.

YSIC, In Jesus' Name,
Sister Kathy

Monday, December 2, 2019

Care Packages for the Homeless -- Up Date

I've been blessed by the cooperation from people with our drive! The hearts of Christians who want to do the Christlike thing to celebrate why He came is quite moving! There are people who do not attend our church who have contributed and some who have asked to help assemble the care packages with us next week. One of my friends with a visual impairment is chomping at the bit to help. She couldn't see well enough to add her own name so she called and told me what item she will donate. My SIS (Sister in Spirit) from Florida has sent several boxes from Amazon filled with several items including nail clippers, deodorant, sanitary pads, etc.

I've had a few calls from folks who cannot figure out the site at SignUp Genius but what they have done is called or texted to tell me what they'd like to sign up to bring and I add their names next to the items they volunteer to bring.
Some folks want to donate money. I'd prefer NOT to handle money at this time but perhaps next year when we do this BIGGER. I'd also prefer not to get money donated to YOU or from you. The focus of the drive will become ME shopping for you instead of YOU receiving your blessings from the sacrifice of effort in giving.

For the technologically impaired, I have viewed the list to see what slots are still available. These are items to concentrate on for donations or-- if you have been trying to decide up to now-- fill yourself:

  • 2 pr gloves -- 24 slots
  • 3 boxes of 8-10 ct granola bars -- 6 slots
  • peanut butter/cheese cracker snacks -- 1 slot
  • a box of band-aids -- 3 slots
  • 3 boxes quart-sized zip-lock storage bags -- 2 slots
  • 1-3 pk chapsticks -- 14 slots
  • 2 large bags of trail mix -- 6 slots

At our meeting on December 10, we will assemble the packs while we enjoy our potluck. We will also have our prayer circle. 
Go on line or call 225 588 7576 to get your tickets ordered for the New Venture Theater's production of Black Nativity--the December 14 showing at 7PM.

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