Thursday, April 3, 2014

Mother's Day Banquet Poll

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Here are the attachments that I promised. Please send the corrections to the contacts list. [Not posted here for obvious privacy reasons so check your emails.]

I will send the Mother's Day Banquet info after I have checked on the budget and get a reply from the third person I asked to volunteer to co-chair with Annette and Sister Nona.

Meanwhile, use either the large or small cards to invite sisters to our next meeting.

If you have trouble signing up on our web blog page, let me know and I will see if I can add you.

Oh! And speaking of cards, I was trying to include as much as possible in an abbreviated meeting and had Sister Peggy's card at the front of my notebook--yet it still slipped my mind to mention it. So a thousand apologies to Sister Peggy and I have attached her card to share with you all.

 ADDENDUM: While  composing this communication, I called the church and sister Lydia has confirmed the $$ cuts. There is $0 for the Mother's Day Banquet $0 for Fellowship and $335 for the graduates/retirees' breakfast. SO--we have some decisions to make concerning the MD Banquet:
  • money needs to be raised by donations or
  • charge  for the MD Banquet with pre-paid tickets,
  • or do not have a MD Banquet this year and prepare for next year.
Kathy Michael