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Sisterhood Meeting 9/6/14

Good morning, Sisters!

The last email sent itself after I left it idle for too long, so if you were wondering why you received a blank email.. *:D big grin
This is a reminder that we will have meeting next Tuesday and to recap last month's meeting.

Last month we had  the Values Clarification Exercise which was to promote unity and have a fun way to discuss how we all grow closer to Christ in our daily activities. That exercise was fun and smiles were seen even though we had to get out of our seats to do it.
We also did some agape crafts for the next Kairos Outside for ladies that will take place in September. I am overjoyed to report that will have one guest from Mount Pilgrim who has an incarcerated relative! For her confidentiality I cannot reveal her name but let us all be in prayer that this weekend workshop will uplift her spiritually and that she will have a good time in the Lord. Knowing that her Mount Pilgrim Sisterhood sisters cared enough to make some of the agape gifts and send up prayers should help her feel more loved.

Please, September refreshments committee, get ready! I've attached that list, too. The August folks either forgot or did not show. October refreshments-- we are considering joining the Man-to-Man ministry for a special cancer awareness program. We're asking you to step up and help prepare/serve the food that will be purchased by that program. If approved, by meeting time, I will let you know. We will be working with Rev. Williams on that. He has already talked to some of us who are cancer survivors who may want to share testimonies.

I am attaching a phone tree which is not complete along with the hospitality guidelines again. I have printed some for the folks without email, this time. The phone tree is for those with email to phone those with email---and those who are less likely to look at their email for whatever reason.

In order for us to get some of our younger sisters out, I'd like to start a child care committee for those who feel led to run it. I'd suggest those who use it offer a donation of a few dollars each time for those who sit with the children. Some people do not come out because of their children or grandchildren and this way they can be involved. I'd like to see it rotated so that the same people will not watch the children all the time. I've seen this done at several organizations that I've been a part so I believe we can do it.

I'm also suggesting that for our older sisters who no longer drive, that we think of carpooling from the different neighborhoods.  Meanwhile, I've sent out an email to those very young sisters, formally active sister, and older sister to encourage them to consider being an active part of our Mount Pilgrim Sisterhood.

I'm looking forward to seeing you all next Tuesday!

Kathy Michael

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